Energy source matrix

OBS! Excel version uploaded with comments in the boxes.

There seem to be a lack of comparisons between energy sources. Arguments (sometimes substantial and sometimes not) are being thrown back and forth between protagonists and antagonists of all energy sources.I want to create a common ground and basis of comparison for all plausible future sources.

For this reason I am working on an energy matrix that shows all major pros and cons of all major contenders. Complete with references of all data.

Since I am working alone and only in my spare time I would appreciate all the help I can get with this.

  • Criticize my layout and please help me improve it.
  • Send me data with references to add to the matrix. (Without data its worth nothing)
  • Give me your thoughts on how to measure “Possibility to expand”, “Environmental impact”, “Operation danger” and “Weapon proliferation risk”.
  • Tell me if I should add/remove sources or add/remove pros and cons.
  • Correct me if Im wrong and you are welcome to tell me if you think this is all stupid.

Your contribution can help make this a useful instrument in choosing the best path forward and the best energy mix!

Excel: Updated with comments. Please share your view or links to solid information.
Energy source matrix 0.26


You are welcome to comment, ask and correct!

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